About Kimberly

Birkelund in danish means ‘birch grove’. It is the name of the inspiring danish property where American potter Kimberly Young lives with her family and will be the future location for a physical Birkelund Boutique.

Kimberly Young was born, raised and educated in Wisconsin, lived on St. Thomas USVI for 10 years, fell in love with a Danish man and moved to Denmark in 2011. Along the way she gathered inspiration, knowledge and experiences that have helped to develop a unique style of ceramics unlike others.

Each porcelain object is made on the potters wheel, using a plaster mold or the pinch pot method by Kimberly in her studio in Kolding, Denmark. They are created with joy and whimsy yet in a rustic style that reflects the feel and touch of her hands, fingers and fingerprints. They are all fired to a temperature that makes them water resistant and dishwasher safe.

Kimberly’s signature style can easily be spotted by her recognizable polka dots on each of the pieces, including the often neglected bottoms. These polka dots are made using a small bottle filled with glaze and a fine tip to apply it. The polka dots give a little something extra and a touch of whimsy to each piece.


Signature polka dots on each and every piece.


Good Reasons to Buy from Birkelund Boutique

1. Bring unique and inspired ceramics to your everyday life

2. Enjoy them often knowing they can simply go in the dishwasher

3. Use handmade, local products to promote art and culture in society